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You are safe to fully feel

"You are safe and this is your service" were the words that were uttered to me. It was 2019, when big shifts began to happen in my life. I remember feeling all sorts of things at once - fear, grief, loss, excitement, freedom, possibility. It was also a time when I began working with a plant medicine, a medicine which became one of my biggest Spirit teachers in this life. It allowed me altered state of consciousness to explore my Being, while staying grounded in my body and open within the higher energy centers. I remember doing a private ceremony for myself when this huge ball of grief dropped into my body. I slightly panicked, but was able to maintain multiple perspectives - both witnessing and experiencing 'the happening' in my body. I remember asking out loud "Why me?" and hearing a clear answer back - "Because you are safe! This is your service." Then, I felt and saw my ancestors all around me in spirit, 'cheering me on' and saying "We were never safe and we simply survived. You now have the opportunity to really live your full life and to feel all of it." I then was guided to place myself onto my own massage table and to drop into the receiving mode. My body was literally 'moved' in space, shaking, jerking, arms and legs going up and down, as I felt the healing energy pouring through me. It was profound! Since that moment, I continued to allow my body and my energy to teach me. It would often place me back in time, by bringing certain memories into my field of awareness. With those memories, emotions and feelings would surface too. I was guided to simply witness, hold space and allow the e-motions (energy in motion) to move through me. It was the best preparation for understanding and growing my emotional intelligence! I realized how many events have impacted me and left their imprints within my field and body, and why certain triggers would come up. I also realized how epigenetics works, because at a certain point the emotions lost their 'relatability', they no longer felt personal to me and this life. An emotion would show up, move through my system, and there would be no stories attached to it! They weren't mine, they were my ancestors. What an epiphany! I later learnt that quantum healing is exactly that - going 'back' in time, to witness your own past events and to hold space for the past You that went through that. I would often be taken back to hospitals, where I spent time once a year as a kid, with a mystery illness that lasted for 8 years. I would observe myself being in the hospital and would receive very specific sensations on my arms where the needles from IVs were placed (which were many). Sometimes I would cry; other times my body would get very hot and I'd be guided to go sleep; other times I would simply observe the memory and send back the immense love, compassion, and support to the young Me. In those moments, I could feel her sensing me, I could feel her feeling my presence. It's difficult to describe in words, but it's as if my awareness is both in her (20 some years ago) and in the present me, here and now. And we are connecting, and the quantum field is doing the healing. It is magic and love. It is beyond. <3 What I realized from these experiences is that feeling safe is a prerequisite for healing. When the body feels safe, healing naturally happens. Repressed memories, emotions, feelings, unprocessed wounds start to come up to the surface so that YOU, the you that is Presence, can witness and allow those energies to re-integrate. When the memory re-integrates, you regain a part of your energy back. It is no longer 'stuck in the past', but is fully present here with you. That is why when people go through healings, they feel more like themselves! They regain the qualities of their unique essence. They regain the courage to show up as themselves. They regain the purity within their hearts and the innocence within their eyes. They regain the awareness of their true nature! ___________________________ We are so much more than we can ever imagine. Our bodies hold all the memories of what happened in the past. Our DNA holds the memories of what happened to our ancestors. Our DNA also holds all the gifts that we inherited from our ancestors too. When we feel safe, those memories begin to unwind and love returns back to its source. Gifts begin to open and we are confronted with the callings of our hearts. The callings that we are here to fully express, experience and share with the rest of the world. Ask yourself: Do I feel truly safe within my body and the world in general? How can I cultivate that sense of safety? Safety is cultivated with our ability to hold space for ourselves and with trusting Life. When we allow our bodies to teach us and we open our heart to Life, healing is a given. In truth, we are already whole and complete, and healing is simply us remembering that wholeness. May you feel safe and may you be courageous enough to explore your body and your emotions. They are truly the divine gifts of Life!

(One of the first photos of me in Costa Rica, back in 2018) In service to Life,

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