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Feeling Ourselves - Integration Work

When we are faced with stories and life situations, they make us feel ourselves.

The energy is pushing and touching parts within ourselves that are ready to be felt, embraced, accepted and integrated.

Be cautious not to fall into victim mentality!

Remember the God consciousness inside.

Own your creative power.

You are the creator and the actor of your Life. Come out of duality and allow the energy to integrate.

Once it does, the story will fall away on its own.

Spirit is not in duality, what you are feeling is not judged by the spirit. It is only judged by our mind, which is in duality.

Try not to have preference for sensations. No attachment to good vs bad. Pleasant vs unpleasant.

Observe the feeling of it inside of you. Stay with it. Give it your loving attention and awareness.

Notice resistance? Be with that too. It will integrate eventually.

In feeling yourself, you are feeling Life, God inside of you.


P.S. forever grateful to my spiritual mother for transmitting this wisdom to me when she did Ignațiana Neumann. Forever grateful for my initiations with her.

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