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DONATE to Sasha Nova Scholarship Fund

This Scholarship Fund was created to provide an opportunity for people who believe in Sasha Nova's work and have access to financial capital to donate towards other's transformation.

The funds will be allocated to support those that are called to work with Sasha, but are experiencing financial constraints.

What many non-service professionals may not know, is how much capacity is needed to BE a service care professional (healer/coach/leader/body worker/therapist/etc) and to not burn out. Compassion fatigue is a real thing and in order to avoid that, Sasha has made a choice to charge prices that are within the medium range of the industry average, so as to be able to have a sustainable business model. That being said, Sasha is happy to be accessible to anyone who is called to her work, regardless of their financial situation, and that is why this Fund has been created.

Opportunities for free mentorships + partial discounts are made available because of your contributions today!

Thank you for sharing your resources and supporting Sasha with her mission and healing work. 

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