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My Approach

I serve as a Guide for people to remember Divinity, embrace Humanity, and own Authenticity.

Remember Divinity is about re-membering our connection to Source of all Life, the infinite spark of the Divine in each and every one of us. It is about cultivating the awareness of your 'I AM' presence and the Light.

Embrace Humanity is about allowing, accepting and integrating the Shadow and what it means to be a mortal human being. It is about emotional intelligence, emotional integration and deep compassion for Self. 

Own Authenticity is about playing your note in the symphony of Life. It is about your Yes and your No. It is about your values, your desires, your personality and your creativity. It is about owning your essence as a unique expression of Divinity in Motion. 

Through those pillars and my personal lived embodied experience, I now guide others into their most inspired, empowered and authentic self. 

My Story

My journey into this transformative work started at a young age when I experienced a mystery illness that persisted for 8 years. Traditional doctors couldn't provide answers, but a local energy healer in Russia harmonized my energetic field and facilitated my body's healing in just 3 sessions.

During my 20s, I struggled with IBS and social anxiety as I followed society's pursuit of the "American dream." Eventually, I made a firm commitment to address these challenges, embarking on a profound healing journey. This path involved delving deep into my own psyche, exploring both my shadow and light.

Along the way, I've immersed myself in various modalities such as energy healing, Gene Keys, Tantra, plant medicines, meditation, yoga, long-term travel, open relating, sacred sexuality, and more. I hold a BComm degree from the University of Toronto, have experienced two immigrations, worked in the corporate world making $100K by age 27, and even owned a hotel business. These experiences, coupled with transformative retreats and guidance from exceptional mentors, have led me to a profound connection with Life, Divinity, and my inherent wholeness.

Now, my passion lies in guiding others to embody their own wholeness through my unique approach and offerings.

Formally, I received Reiki 1 and 2 training from a Reiki Master in Canada in 2017. However, I've transitioned away from identifying solely with the Reiki system and now connect directly to Source through Universal Healing Frequencies and the Unified Field. In 2020, I underwent a 9 months initiation into the Left Hand path of Tantra, which has become the foundation of my current practice. Additionally, after immersing myself in the Gene Keys synthesis for five years, I became a Gene Keys Guide in 2022.

My diverse experiences and extensive training have shaped me into the practitioner I am today, dedicated to facilitating personal & collective transformation and guiding others on their own paths of self-discovery.

​I have found working with Sasha to be transformative for me. Not just physically in terms of reducing pain and tension, but also mentally and emotionally. Working with Sasha has helped me identify emotions that are connected somehow to physical sensations and vice versa. Sasha is able to hold space and create the setting for this process. It's as though she's helping me tap into my own healing energy.

David, Yoga Studio Owner, Canada

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