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My Approach

I serve as a Guide for people to remember Divinity, embrace Humanity, and own Authenticity.

Remember Divinity is about re-membering our connection to Source of all Life, the infinite spark of the Divine in each and every one of us. It is about cultivating the awareness of your 'I AM' presence and the Light.

Embrace Humanity is about allowing, accepting and integrating the Shadow and what it means to be a mortal human being. It is about emotional intelligence, emotional integration and deep compassion for Self. 

Own Authenticity is about playing your note in the symphony of Life. It is about your Yes and your No. It is about your values, your desires, your personality and your creativity. It is about owning your essence as a unique expression of Divinity in Motion. 

Through those pillars and my personal lived embodied experience, I now guide others into their most inspired, empowered and authentic self. 

My Story

My initiation to this work began early in life, with an 8-year childhood mystery illness that could not be explained by the doctors. The dis-ease was gone after my mom took me to an energy healer in Russia, who in 3 sessions 'harmonized' my energetic field and thereby allowed my body to 'heal'.

I had IBS & social anxiety for the most of my 20's (due to following the society's agenda of the 'American dream') until I finally decided to address it. This deep commitment to my well being took me on an epic healing journey of diving deep into my own psyche, exploring my inner shadow and light.

I’ve learnt and explored energy healing, Gene Keys, Personhood, plant medicines, meditation, yoga, long term travelling, open relating, sacred sexuality, two immigrations, a corporate life, a hotel business, deep retreat experiences and high level mentors to get to a place where I feel an inseparable connection to Life/Divinity/Source and my innate wholeness. I am now passionate about guiding others into their own embodiment of Wholeness (Unity Consciousness) and exploration of Authenticity.

I have been officially trained in Reiki 1 and 2 with a Reiki Master in Canada in 2017. In 2019, I stopped identifying with the Reiki system and instead began connecting directly to Source (Universal Healing Frequencies & the Unified Field). In 2020, I was initiated into the Left Hand path of Personhood, which became the backbone of my current practice. In 2022, after diving into the Gene Keys synthesis for 5 years, I became a Gene Keys Guide.

I share a lot of my story on my Instagram - follow me 

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