My Story

I am a Gene Keys Guide and an Energy Intuitive with a deep love for life and the human experience.

My initiation to this work began early in life, with a 8-year childhood mystery illness which could not be explained by the doctors. The dis-ease was gone after my mom took me to a local energy healer in Russia, who in 3 sessions 'harmonized' my energetic field and thereby allowed my body to 'heal'.

I had IBS & social anxiety for the most of my 20's (due to following the society's agenda of the 'American dream') until I finally decided to address it - took me on an epic healing journey of diving deep into my own psyche, exploring my inner shadow and light.

Through this rich experiential process, I connected to my gifts of Intuition, Feeling, Channeling and Energy Healing.

I moved to Costa Rica in December 2017 to build a new life aligned with nature, flow and my innate gifts and abilities.

I have the ability to see into people’s authenticity – providing a clear reflection back of what is not them.
I have the ability to expand people’s comfort zone and view of the world, so that they feel empowered to move into the direction of their dreams and heart’s callings. I have the ability to awaken the connection within people to their own innocence, so that they can gain confidence on the guidance of their own hearts. I hold space for people to feel safe to explore their shadows, so that the light of their consciousness can shine and point to the gifts. 

I have been officially trained in Reiki 1 and 2 with a Reiki Master in Canada since 2017.

In 2019 I stopped identifying with the Reiki system and instead began connecting directly to Source (Universal Healing Frequencies, Divine Love & Light, the Unified Field).

In 2020 I was initiated into the Left Hand path of Personhood, which became the backbone of my current practice.

In 2022, after diving into the Gene Keys synthesis for 5 years, I became a Gene Keys Guide.

 I am now passionate about guiding others into their own embodiment of wholeness and exploration of Unity Consciousness.

I am deeply fascinated by the human experience, psychology, and perception.
I am in love with life and am here to share that love.


I am here to inspire and empower each Being in cultivating the awareness of their "I AM" presence,

While enjoying and exploring their Divinity AND Humanity. 

Bringing forth their Authenticity.


Reconnection & Authenticity Codes