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Holding space

Holding space means being together with someone With their discomfort unconditionally! Without needing them to change. Without needing to Fix their mood or state. Just being there. Present. Together. In their pain. Or joy. Or grief. Or sorrow.

To hold space for the other, we must first learn to hold space for ourselves! To be with ourselves fully and completely, no matter how we feel. Allow all parts of ourselves, all emotions, all feelings, all shadow, all states to simply BE. Allow whatever wishes to emerge to emerge. You want to cry? CRY! You want to scream? SCREAM! You want to curl into a ball and lay there? Do that!

Once you allow yourself to Fully Feel whatever arises, once you hold space for yourself, you will gain Unbreakable Trust with your being and your heart. You will realize that you CAN withstand anything. And once you do, peace and contentment naturally follow. But it is a by-product of diving deep into your Pain and being with it unconditionally.

You cannot escape the Humanness of Human Experience. This is Old Spirituality. New spirituality is Authenticity! Being authentic, with yourself first, then others, No Matter How You Feel.

How you feel is the truth! The moment. The now! Feeeeeeel it. Your greatest gifts come from there.

PM if you want to learn how to hold space for yourself!

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