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Rise in Love with the Unknown

Why are we so afraid to be in the unknown? The place which gives birth to clarity, insight and newness. The natural cycle of life. Expansion and contraction. Welcome all of it. Life is present in all of it. Life wants us to experience itself from all the different angles. Be open to different expressions of the divine. Different feelings. Thoughts. States of being. Be open to dying of the old self. So that the new can be born. The new needs space. The unknowingness creates that space. It burns everything that is no longer serving you. Try to not resist these changes. And if you do, welcome the resistance and observe it. Welcome and become curious about it. What does it feel like? Why am I so afraid of it? What's so scary about it? Talk to it. Feel it. Welcome it. See how that opens more space within. See how your centre is revealed through this exercise. The centre that is always there, present within, no matter what is going on around.💜

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