The land of no problems - examples:

The reason why this perspective is so important to contemplate is the difference between living a life of Empowerment & Freedom vs Victimhood & Constriction.

Our society still functions mostly based on the principle of 'survival of the fittest', competition and comparison, which means that fundamentally we feel separate from each other and Life/Source in general. This creates a lot of tension and stress within our bodies and psyches, and makes us see 'the Other' as the problem that we need to solve.

The other becomes our partner, who is not conforming to our ideals and expectations of them.

The other becomes our body, which is not conforming to the ideals of the 'beauty standards' that we've been fed by the media. The other becomes our neighbor/friend, who is choosing to live his life different from ours. The other becomes any uncomfortable emotional state that we are afraid to fully feel and explore. The other becomes any circumstance in Life that we do not prefer.

And so, we make the Other a problem and go on the quest of fixing it. But the kink here is, that the moment we solve one problem, another one shows up immediately! #personalitygames

And such, we live our lives putting out perceived 'fires', in an attempt to feel more safe, happy and complete.

When we approach problems as puzzles, the quest becomes a choice. Something we can approach with a spirit of spaciousness.

Maybe we let our partner be as they are and begin to practice loving them with all their shadow and light.

Maybe we begin to focus on the health for our body vs strictly looks.

Maybe we give our neighbor/friend freedom to live their life, however they want to, without imposing our own beliefs onto them.

Maybe we begin to welcome uncomfortable feelings with a spirit of adventure, finally accepting the 'heavier' spectrum of humanity.

Maybe we begin to observe our life circumstances as something that comes and goes, like anything in life.

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