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Adulting pains

I am curious to hear how many adults wish to be back to being kids for a day or two? How many allow themselves the opportunity to go there? To want to be held and nurtured and cared for by another 'adult'?

As I continue to observe my own journey and the continuous coming into my power, I also observe the times when I feel like crawling into my parents' arms to regroup, regain strength, confidence and trust in myself. I observe the memories of childhood pop up or the feelings a kid may feel. I observe a desire for comfort and a release of responsibility for a bit. Aversion to making decisions and holding it altogether.

Do all adults experience this? I think so.

And when you do, allow yourself to simply feel and be with yourself. Be with all of it. Talk to yourself as if you are a kid. Hold yourself. Hug yourself. Allow yourself to stay in bed if that feels comforting. Allow yourself to indulge if your body is asking for it. Practice non-judgement and unconditional love for whatever arises. Share how you feel. Maybe find someone to be your mommy/daddy for that time period. Today, my dog is holding the floor for me. Tomorrow, my tribe will. As I invite it in.

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