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What if i only had 6 months to live?

Would my grumpy mood still feel so important?

Would I still doubt and fact check my excitement and desires?

Would I hold back my love or share it more often?

Would I explore my fears fully, so there is no stone left unchecked?

Would there be a burning desire in my chest to leave a legacy in this world?

How would I spend my time?

Would I be more present?

Sometimes, when Life seems too heavy, I like to ask myself these questions. I imagine walking hand in hand with death. It seems to motivate me not to stress, to relax more, to enjoy every state of being, to be as present as I can be, while I feel and receive the gift that is my Life.

Being a human being is a marvelous feet! We believe in this play so much. We get so identified with our character and our story, it really is all immersive.

And every one of us is always doing the best we can.

Compassion. Awareness. Presence.

Perspective. Humour. Patience.

Trust. Life. Cycles.

May this be a reminder to myself and others.

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