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Trauma & Healing

Updated: May 1, 2023

There are a number of ways that trauma can manifest in the body.

* On an emotional level, it can make you highly sensitive and overly emotional to outside events that trigger the original trauma.

* On a mental level, it can attract thoughts to you that perpetuate fear, worry, judgement, blame - victim mentality.

* On the physical level, it can manifest as a discomfort, tension, numbness or illness. * On the spiritual level, it is likely to be reflected in the 'life situations/experiences' that you keep attracting into your life so that you can have a closure/resolve this time around. A trauma is distress without resolve. It is that simple. Once you start 'working' with resolving that trauma, few things can occur:

* On an emotional level, you will likely stop overreacting to outside events that used to trigger you. You will start to see your emotions as signals for you to look at something. Once you look at it and bring it into the light of consciousness, the emotional energy is released and you are freed from the same intense emotional reactions. * On the mental level, you will notice that your mind feels calmer and clearer, your thoughts may be more positive or action oriented. You'll start to believe that if you want something, there are means to getting it. * On the physical level, you will feel an increase in energy and a lightness of being. Being in your body will feel good. Being in the physical world will feel good. * On the spiritual level, you will have gained wisdom from whatever experience you've had, so that you can start sharing that wisdom with others. Trauma, therefore, can be looked at as a great teacher! It is trauma that starts us on our 'hero's journey' and then takes us back to ourselves. I love this topic and I love how energy healing looks at all these aspects of a human being and works on all of them directly. I wish to encourage people to start looking at themselves as multidimensional beings with many different layers to them (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual). I wish to encourage people to go 'above the clouds' once in a while and see the sun! See the bigger picture. Trust in the whole process of their life and also trust that it was and is for their highest good. Despite how 'ugly' our reality may seem at times, it is time to start moving into Unity Consiousness and know that we are Love! 💜 P.S. this is an oversimplified picture of the many layers of the human body. Do not get stuck here.

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