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Earthing/Grounding for Health

In times of emotional or mental stress, one of the best things we can do is GROUND! Grounding connects you to your own body and the infinite energy source from the ground. Mama Gaia has infinite energy that she is willing to share with us as long as we ask and have that intention.

Here are some grounding methods you can use today:

- Walk barefoot, even if only for a few minutes - Dance, especially pelvic circles - Get out and connect with nature, especially trees - Explore gardening - Eat root vegetables (ginger, turmeric, beets) + fat or animals - Explore grounding essential oils (murph, pine, ylang ylang, etc) - Play drums or listen to low frequency sounds - Connect to your voice, sing! - Massage your own feet or legs - Place your hand on your lower belly - Play with crystals and grounding stones - Connect with water, especially when in emotional overwhelm (saves me every time!!!) - Connect with animals - Make Love!

You will know you are ungrounded if you are worried, anxious, irritable, snappy, overwhelmed, etc. When ungrounded, you don't have enough energy supporting you. Experiment with methods above and find the ones that work for you! ♥️ to all!

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