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Growing up

It is so amazing to observe myself truly 'growing up' and becoming a woman, an adult, who is responsible for her own life, her own dreams, emotions, feelings.. I've been calling her in for some time, the Goddess within, to come through and shine. She's been showing me glimpses of herself, in moments of need or deep relaxation. She's been patiently guiding me and instilling trust in her. She is so beautiful and so wise. So open to the world and experiencing life in all its colours. She is so trusting of the process that her mischievous eyes remind me to simply relax and be. Have fun. Don't take life too seriously. As we all often do.

I've been welcoming her in and continue to do so. This time the growing up is a conscious process of maturing and knowing who I am, what I wish to bring into this world. Even though I believe it is always an unfolding journey, the journey of knowing thyself, it really is nice to feel your heart and be connected to it. It is nice to feel clear in the body and mind, and to know how to listen and release emotions when they do come up. It's nice to know that when the inner child comes out, the Goddess can take care of her and let her be vulnerable, let her feel. It is truly amazing to be able to hold space for myself in my own process, knowing that everything is perfect and I can simply surrender.

Maybe some or most of what I'm saying doesn't make sense to some of you. Maybe this resonates. I'm feeling a desire to start sharing my journey in hopes that it may inspire others to dig deeper and dive within themselves despite the fears. It is such a gift to be able to do this, to truly have the space and time to unravel anything that no longer serves the whole body and to let it go. I've been unraveling BIG time since coming to Costa Rica two years ago and wish to share as the inspiration comes. There is so much to integrate that a lot of it is still hard to put into words.

To be continued... <3

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