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Full Session +1 Month of Integration

Become aware of energy blockages & the path forward + 1 month integration support.

  • 1 h
  • From 199 U.S. dollars
  • Zoom or in-person in Uvita

Service Description

I will be happy to share sacred space with you and support you on your healing, empowerment, and awakening journey. Together, we will address a topic that is bringing suffering, so that you can experience freedom & fulfillment directly. Each session is intuitively guided and an optimal modality is brought forward depending on your specific needs and 'stage of healing'. As a bonus to the session, you will be enrolled in a 1 month integration support with Spiritus Way (1 live embodiment group session per week). Testimonials: "To work with BeautyWay guided by Sasha feels like a direct way to the root of any issue, problem or discomfort in my life; it’s like a laser cutting through illusion, showing what’s true, making my thoughts clear and feelings more aligned. At the same time, Sasha holds a soft loving space, makes it fun and often funny. I find healing with her sessions through connecting with truth, laughter, softness, acceptance, Love and Beauty. It’s a deep and fun work!" ~ Elena - Feminine Embodiment Coach "Working with Sasha was a very powerful experience. High-frequency energies moved through my body, resulting in several significant emotional releases. I also felt connected to the Divine and had a lot of downloads and clarity about next steps in my businesses and creative pursuits. It was a beautiful reset during a challenging time. I highly recommend working with her." ~ Jordan Bates - Transformational Coach "I have been carrying shame and a sense of not being good enough for years. It’s held me back in so many areas of my life. I brought to the session the intention to heal this wound, and I felt a lot of energy move through me and shift things! As energy continued to move, I felt progressively lighter and freer up to the end. I was delighted to hear her intuitive impressions, which she shared first, and which lined up perfectly with my own experience. Though I hadn’t told her my intention, she zeroed in on it clearly. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Sasha’s energetic work for people looking to shift and heal." ~ Andrew Pegram - Entrepreneur "Sasha is a wonderful, thoughtful, gentle and at the same time powerful practitioner. Anyone who gets a chance to receive her medicine is very lucky. I experienced massive relief from headaches and got mental clarity after just one session." ~ Natalia Becker - Executive Coach

Cancellation Policy

Sasha Nova operates a strict No-Refund Policy on all services offered. By carrying out & confirming a purchase/booking with payment - the customer automatically agrees to this strict no refund policy. If you schedule an appointment and are a no-show (fail to turn up, without any prior notice), you automatically forfeit the session, without refund. Sasha will wait a maximum of 10 minutes after the scheduled time for you to show. If you do not arrive, the session is lost. If you feel you will be late, please email ahead of time.

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