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Community Care Day

Beauty Way taste sessions in exchange for a donation.

  • 30 min
  • Donation paid after
  • Zoom or Private if in Uvita

Service Description

Join me every Wednesday for a Community Care Day, where I offer 30-minute taste sessions for donation. This is an opportunity for anyone to access my services, regardless of their financial situation. My intention is to provide a space for healing and connection, allowing everyone to experience a taste of the Beauty Way medicine. This is also an opportunity for you to donate from the heart, practicing beneficial energy exchange. Please share this post with friends & family. In Service to Life, Truth & Beauty, Sasha Nova 💙 ***** 'To work with BeautyWay guided by Sasha feels like a direct way to the root of any issue, problem or discomfort in my life; it’s like a laser cutting through illusion, showing what’s true, making my thoughts clear and feelings more aligned. At the same time, Sasha holds a soft loving space, makes it fun and often funny. I find healing with her sessions through connecting with truth, laughter, softness, acceptance, Love and Beauty. It’s a deep and fun work!' ~ Elena | Feminine Embodiment Coach

Cancellation Policy

These sessions are a gift of service, please respect and honour this. Keep in mind that others may not be able to receive, because you have took the space. You can cancel or reschedule these sessions 4hr prior to, if absolutely necessary.

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