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Feminine Radiance Masterclasses

6 weeks journey to explore the powers & phases of the menstrual cycle

1st Masterclass - Know your Flow

- Overview of the phases of the monthly cycle & gifts of each phase

- Divine Feminine Archetype and how to tap into it ourselves
- Why is this important? How does knowing our cycle affect our productivity and enjoyment of Life?

2nd Masterclass - Spring Time

- Deep dive into the follicular phase

- Maiden Archetype and its challenges/gifts
- How relaxation, softness and openness can support the feminine into receiving 

3rd Masterclass - Big Os!

- Ovulation phase

- Wild Woman/Lover Archetype
- Dance practice  

4th Masterclass - Self Care

- Luteal phase 

- Mother/Nurturer Archetype
- Dance practice  

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