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Jonathan, Entrepreneur, Costa Rica

"Sasha is a natural beauty inside and out and has a very grounding and pleasant demeanor about her that immediately helps one feel comfortable and safe.  I have received Reiki from Sasha on several occasions and it differs from other treatments I have received from other Reiki practitioners.  Besides creating a high vibration container in whatever space she facilitates in, she obviously has powerful guides working with her.  This is evident by how well I am able to fully relax and let go of tensions.  She truly works from a place of love and compassion. 

She is very intuitive and has helped me to bring awareness and balance to my energy systems and has aided my physical body in healing and regeneration.  Her hands radiate heat and it is a blessing to receive the good energy that flows through them.  Thank you Sasha for being committed to your own expansion and for sharing your gifts with such grace.  Much love and many blessings!"

David, Yoga Studio Owner, Canada

 "I have thoroughly enjoyed my Reiki sessions with Sasha. I'm very thankful to have discovered her and her practice. I have years of experience teaching and practicing yoga and have done Reiki before with other practitioners. I feel most connected with Sasha and her style of Reiki. Sasha is able to create an environment where I feel comfortable. Through a mindful choice of music, touch and discussion she is able to help me relax physically and mentally so that the Reiki practice can work. 

​I have found working with her to be transformative for me. Not just physically in terms of reducing pain and tension, but also mentally and emotionally. Working with Sasha has helped me identify emotions that are connected somehow to physical sensations and vice versa. Sasha is able to hold space and create the setting for this process. It's as though she's helping me tap into my own healing energy."

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