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Who am I as a woman?

Who am I as a woman? What does it mean 'to be a woman'? To feel the full presence of the divine feminine being expressed through you. Why do we not have many example of this? Which women are good example to me?

Questions I ponder as I dive deep into the yin/yang balance within myself. It feels this is the time I explore my divine feminine - explore what aspects feel true and authentic to me, not because of what society deems to be feminine, but what do I truly connect to?

Soft - seems like a quality of mine. But hey, I notice shame attached to it. Soft means weak. Feels like I'll be crushed if I'm soft. Walked all over. Told how I 'should be'! As I contemplate this, anger shows up! F that, we won't be soft. We'll show them we can take care of ourselves, we can be strong and independent and do it all on our own!

Hmm... sounds like a lot of hurt women. Confused about the real power of softness. Of what that provides to the world. Like a motherly chest to a newborn baby. The void where everything can fall to rest. To regain strength, stability, joy and confidence. Like anything is possible. It is the softness that breaks down the walls around so many hearts.

And yet, there is a slight mistrust to the world. Can I truly be soft? Will the world take care of me, in this vulnerable spot of receptivity?

And this is where the choice comes in - choosing to expose yourself to be what feels natural or to allow old fears to keep you 'protected', yet isolated. Softness invites everything in. To be loved and nurtured and held.

I choose to allow my Softness to hold All the parts of me that are afraid to be exposed and hurt. I choose to let my Softness to come out and be.

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