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Self Love vs Lack of Love

How do you know if your 'movement/motivation' is the result of Self Love or a Lack of Love?

It took me a while to figure this one out.

Here are some questions to contemplate so you can receive your own insights:

1) Is the movement a result of feeling a 'lack in something' or simply an inspired action spontaneously arising from the core of your Being?

(I.e. I want that car, so I could feel more respected by others vs. I want that car because I want to experience the joy of riding a good sports car)

2) Are you looking to prove something (whether to yourself or others) or are you simply expressing yourself?

(I.e. I need to have a big house, so my parents don't think I'm a failure vs I love designing and living in beautiful spaces)

3) Does the movement feel effortless or does it take effort? Effortless means there is no trying or forcing, the Wu Wei.

(I.e. I got to pull myself out of bed every morning to go to my 9-5 job, because 'that's what everyone does' vs. I am so excited to wake up on this Monday morning, as I get to share my bliss with the world)

______________________________________ A hint: one is always a natural expression of our divinity. The other is an attempt to fill the uncomfortable aching void inside.

May your actions come from a place of Self Love vs Lack of Love. Often simple awareness is enough to switch our mindset and to begin allowing ourselves to live a more authentic, joyous, fulfilling life, full of never ending Love for ourselves and the world.

Love and be loved.

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