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Radical self love

When we feel good, when we achieve something great, when life is going our way and flowing - it is easy to love ourselves! What's not to love? We are doing exactly what society, parents, our own internal judges wish for us to do!

But what happens when we feel like shit, lost, confused, unworthy, unloved, lonely, scared?

Typically, we abandon ourselves and those emotions. We find ways to distract ourselves by doing our 'practices' to get us back 'to center'. Because we have been conditioned to love ourselves only if and when we Feel Good. To ourselves and to others.

This is conditional love. This is love that says 'you are not lovable when you don't conform to a state that I'm comfortable with'. And why do we treat ourselves and others in this way?

Because not many people are able to sit, to Truly Sit with their own pain and discomfort. To observe the sensations that are arising. To observe the stories that get attached to those sensations. To stay curious and continue allowing the space for Any state to simply Be within.

This is unconditional love towards ourselves. Ability and allowance to Be exactly where we are, without a need to change our state of being! This is when your energy starts to teach You. Starts to move you. Starts to open up doors within that you never knew existed! This inner world exploration IS a path to radical self love and acceptance.

This is what I'm exploring these days. This is what I understood on an intellectual level for many years, but didn't embody fully. This feels like next level in my exploration of the self and life, and I am SO Grateful for it!

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