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How do you celebrate suffering?

"How do you celebrate suffering? You do so by Honouring it as a mystical part of the process of life! We are called upon to let go over & over again in our lives, our grief is so deep. But all aspects of life are to be honoured, owned and ultimately celebrated deep within our soul."

'Gene Keys teachings, the Sphere of the Pearl'

I am cultivating the awareness of the *rapture of being alive*! Experiencing life in all it's glory, all it's mess, all it's ups and downs. Remembering to always come back to the 'I' that is experiencing it all, and remembering that it is all a part of this epic Human Experience!

Being present and receiving this gift that is life, that is the most grounding, humbling, healing and fulfilling 'practice' for me these days.

Love to all! May we all get a chance to feel so safe to meet ourselves at such a deep level.

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