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Being yourself - the core of Personhood

Be yourself - Personhood principle #1. To BE yourself fully and unapologetically can be the most vulnerable, raw and scary thing in the world! To be yourself means to expose your inner world and your most sacred longings to the rest of Life. It means being courageous to simply own your authentic truth in the moment, and from moment to moment. It means being so deeply in touch with your heart-mind, that you viscerally feel and know when you are living according to your truth and authenticity, not someone else's. Because we are so deeply conditioned to 'fit into the world' and to 'be good citizens/good boy and good girl' - we are often very disconnected from our inner voice and our unique inner essence. The voice that says - quit that f*cking job, go become an artist, Leave that country and move somewhere else, Start your own charity helping elderly or teenagers, Go to that healing workshop and that specific healer, they will provide some keys for you,

Get married, get a dog, make a kid, etc... All those things are super vulnerable and scary to do, because there are NO guarantees that we won't fall face down onto the ground and 'fail'. Have you ever truly sat with the idea of 'failure' and how afraid we are of this concept? A concept that is not based on our true nature as Unity and Oneness. A concept that has been created by the mind to play the game of duality - black and white, failure and success, good and bad. Duality is necessary for us to know and experience our individuality in this human experience. But, at some point we are called to move past living in duality only and we begin to taste Unity Consciousness - the connection to all of Life, the taste of our infinity as divinity, and the immortal nature of consciousness itself! When this happens, your courage grows day by day to express and to be yourself more and more fully, to take risks speaking your truth, to simply hold the fears in your arms and say "Hi fear, I see you, no problem! You are safe to be here AND my heart is called to this, so I will listen." When you can do THAT, when you can hold within yourself both fear, and courage, and love, and inspiration AT THE SAME TIME, then magic truly happens, then you are truly living yourself! ________________________ Being yourself may be the scariest thing in the world, but it is also the most rewarding and fulfilling undertaking you will ever take in your life. It is one of the core principles of Personhood, a left hand path that connects you with the direct embodied experience of your truth in every moment. And here is a little secret: if you are connected to your truth, you are connected to yourself. So practice being truthful to yourself first, and then others, and that alone will take you towards your most fulfilling life. As I'll continue to repeat for the next little while - Personhood experiment is on. Anyone who is ready to deeply connect with their personal truth, this is for you. Anyone who may be lost to their truth, this may prove to be very beneficial for you too. Anyone who is ready to own the f*ck out of their embodiment as wholeness, this is for you. May these blog posts on #Personhood speak for themselves. I'm calling in my Soul Clients. Book a personhood session. In service to Life,

Sasha Nova

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