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5 tips on choosing your ideal teacher/guide

Following up on the previous post about having perfect teachers and guides on my path, I am now called to open this topic deeper. This post will share a perspective on things to consider when picking the next aligned teacher/guide for you on your journey. 1) Practice discernment - do you resonate with their energy/message? We are now living in a world of constant bombardment with all sorts of information, teachings, spiritual paths and explorations. The social media is making it super easy for anyone to share their life and wisdom. This is not a bad thing, but it may make it harder to discern who you should 'follow' and allow into your energetic field. Anytime we take any information in, it affects us on many different levels (often subconsciously) - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Some messages are inspiring and empowering, while others are disempowering and depressing. Some messages are supportive of your current life situation, while others add extra unnecessary 'noise'. Anytime you tune into another, feel whether their Being-ness (their essence) resonates with you. When something resonates, it feels true within your body/psyche, it's as if your Being says 'Yes, I agree.' If something doesn't resonate, it may not be for you at this specific time or never. 2) Do you feel inspired and empowered after connecting with their energy? Anytime you are 'done' your interactions with a teacher/healer/mentor/coach/guide, tune into how you are feeling afterwards. Do you feel more free, more expanded, more heart-opened, more loving, more trusting of Life and your own process? Do you feel more empowered to be authentically yourself? Any guide who is not providing this effect is not the right one for you. Furthermore, different people activate latent potentials in us as we move through our life journey, by sharing and transmitting their own unique codes of wisdom. That is what a true teacher does - they embody whatever you wish to move into. It is their energy that is interacting with your energy that is doing the 'transmitting'. If your teacher is not embodied in their teachings, your system may be confused by the mixed messages in their energy, and that may result in your doubting or questioning the teaching.

My spiritual mother and dear friend, Ignatiana. Forever grateful to this woman for teaching me the art of allowing. 3) Are they open minded and open hearted enough to allow you the freedom to come in and out of their teachings? Are you free to move into their field and out without them taking anything personally? I was recently considering joining a business mentor for a 3 months program and when I said no, one of his responses was 'It is simply a choice - to move up and evolve, or to stay where you are.' Can you feel a slight sense of ego and diminishment of my choice in that? As if I can only grow and evolve through joining his program. *eye roll* Any true teacher/guide is open minded and hearted enough to allow people to make their own choices regarding how long they stay within their field. A true master knows that 'life is not about them, they are about Life', which allows them playfulness and curiosity to simply share their gifts without attaching to outcomes. A true master is not attached to how their students receive their message - they instead trust that the right seeds will sprout and grow in their own divine timing. 4) Explore different teachers in the topic of your interest. Every person is their own medicine. Anything anyone transmits is based on their unique life experience, as wisdom only comes from experiential knowing. It is not enough to read something in a book to be able to fully transmit it. It must be embodied! As mentioned above, that is the only true way to transmit anything to anyone. Because we all have different life experiences, some teachers will resonate with you more than others. If you are more intellectual, an intellectual guide may be more potent for you than an intuitive guide. If you are in your mid 50s, a guide who is in the same age group may be more potent than a 20 year old guide. Explore different teachers in the field of your interest and give them a chance, you may be surprised to find out that each offers their own gold for your life. 5) Trust in Life as the ultimate teacher. If you never again sign up to any courses or follow any teachers for the rest of your life, Life will still send you perfect opportunities for growth and learning. Those teachings may come in the way of the birds singing their hearts out, not caring who hears or not. It may come in the way of the river flowing continuously in the state of utter surrender and flow, nourishing everything around it. It may be in the song that you hear on the radio giving you a perfect message to 'relax and breathe', as you find yourself spending too much time in your head. It may be through a genuine smile of a stranger, who is overflowing with love and happens to pass you by on your way home from work. Life is our ultimate teacher. Life, the mystery, the wonder, the magic, Universe, God, Consciousness - is everywhere and in everything! Our Life is our perfect teacher, with its perfect challenges, gifts, lessons and revelations. As you continue to cultivate reverence for your life and all of Life, everything becomes crystal clear and no more teaching is necessary. ___________________________________ In conclusion, picking the ideal teachers and guides to support you on your journey can be fun and easy. By practicing discernment, allow your Being to guide you to the teachers who resonate, as you intuitively observe your state of being after connecting with their medicine. Be open and explore many different teachers and guides in your field of interest, trusting that Life always connects us with the ones we are meant to connect with. And don't stress about it if there are no teachers/guides who call out to you at any moment in time - Life itself always provides perfect teachings and transmissions to us anytime we need. May you discover your own medicine and your own inner teacher, as you tread lightly and gently. In service to Life,

Sasha Nova

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