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4 of the most important questions

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself daily! Sharing my responses & would love to hear yours!

1.What is the Greatest Service I could give to life? Am I giving it now? If not, what am I afraid of?

The Greatest Service I could give to life is to be the embodiment of my medicine. My medicine is me being ME. I am here to experience what it is like to be Sasha, with all my gifts, abilities, shadow, light, my body, my mind, my internal chemistry, my inner cosmos. I am the universe of Sasha and by being fully embodied as mySelf, I truly have my place in this dance of life, I am playing my note to play, I am exactly where I need & want to be.

2.What does it mean to be fully embodied? What does it mean to be fully YourSelf?

If my Soul chose to experience itself as a human being named Sasha on this planet Earth, then being embodied is fully living and exploring my human experience, my body, my mind, my energy. It means finding out what are my likes and dislikes, what are my yes's and my no's, what are my heart's desires and personal values, what am I living this life for? Can I trust myself? Do I have my own back? Can I feel my truth deeply and stand for it, no matter the circumstances?

3.What am I living for today?

Today I am living for Me, and for the experience of exploring what it is like to be Me wholeheartedly. I am living for the experience of fully receiving the gift of my life, while having fun and embodying wholeness. I am living for the demonstration of an authentic life, connected with my Divinity & Humanity at the deepest level.

4. What are you broadcasting on the daily basis? (Joe Dispenza stuff: intentional thought + elevated emotion = bending space-time, working with the quantum field)

Broadcasting Love and Peace. Trust in Life and the infinite intelligence. Compassion and acceptance of the duality construct. Wisdom of the Trinity, Unity Consciousness.

Photo taken by an amazing Being Bill Tipper!

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