A Left Hand path of direct embodied experience of truth, wholeness, connection and freedom

It was 2020 when I felt a deep longing for a different way to live.

I was tired of the un-ending spiritual healing and purification process. 

That's when Life provided a perfect teacher to initiate me into Personhood, a left hand path unlike nothing else.

Once you see this, it can't be unseen. 

The world of beauty, trust, connection and relaxation opens up to you.

And the best thing - it is right there in front of you, whenever you need it.

This has changed my life and it may change yours too. 

100.100.100. Experiment

Sharing the keys to wholeness through the transmission of Personhood.

100 people. 100 days. $100/session.

Offer starts on Feb 28.2022

If you are in need of financial assistance, apply here.

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Personhood exposes your Adaptive Self (Persona) and your Authentic Self (Inner Essence).

Adaptive self is the total of all the programs, beliefs and ways of being that you adopted to feel safe, loved and accepted in society. It represents a costume that you wear and identify with. This is often how the public sees you, your ‘public image’. This is only half the story.

The other half is your Authentic Self – the unique, raw, inner YOU.

Living in persona creates suffering, because we are constantly looking to control/change our life circumstances or the way we feel. Which means we can never truly relax and allow life to guide us.

This shift from Adaptive to Authentic Self is something that takes time and a constant exploration of our edge, all the places within where we are still playing the victim. By moving at the speed of safety, we cultivate our inner freedom, and allow our authenticity to come out more and more.

By cultivating the relationship with our "I" and our direct embodied truth in the moment, we gain the centre we’ve always been longing for.
We stop processing our life, and instead begin to presence it!


1. You are ready for FREEDOM & WHOLENESS.

2. You are ready to explore the edge of your comfort zone.

3. You are ready to explore a different way of living. 

4. You have done enough shadow and purification rounds.


1. You want a magic pill to solve all of your life’s problems.

2. You are not ready to take full responsibility for your life.

3. You are just starting out on your spiritual path.

4. You have a serious mental condition or deep trauma.