Initiation into Embodying Wholeness

Exploration of Personhood, Authenticity and Freedom

Dear Powerful Sister,

Are you in a continuous spiritual purification process and seeking mode?
Do you wake up feeling tired and discouraged with a nagging sense that you are not expressing your full potential?
Do you feel like you are continuously chasing your own tail in order to ‘fit into the world’?
Are you tired of conforming to societal ideals and expectations of you?

Congratulations! You've come to a predictable point on the spiritual path! 

It is during these times when we have exhausted ourselves with our endless search and 'conditioned pursuit of happiness', when we are ready for the piece of the puzzle that changes everything; 
Allowing you to move away from suffering and into freedom.

Welcome to Personhood – the cultivation of the direct, embodied experience of the “I” and the embodiment of your wholeness.

Because let’s be honest, unless you have access to the “I” that is experiencing your body, thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations, and your life circumstances – you will be identified with your world of experience and will never feel truly grounded, centered, and fulfilled.


This initiation is your doorway to:

  • Waking up each day full of love and joy.

  • Feeling empowerment and inspiration to truly be authentically you.

  • Trusting life to move you into the direction of your dreams and heart’s callings.

  • Surrounding yourself with people, places and situations that actually nourish you.

  • Experiencing inner freedom independent of your life circumstances or your emotional state.

  • Inspiring & empowering others with your unique embodiment of Personhood.

  • Feeling deep gratitude for the gift that is your life.


By remembering your Divinity, embracing your Humanity & owning your Authenticity

Remember Divinity

* Cultivate a direct, embodied connection to your "I AM" presence.

* Move into your unique experience & expression of Personhood.

* Learn to work with your energy body & the innate healing abilities of your human body.

* Continuously expand your inner freedom by asking & living into the question -"Where am I not free?".

Embrace Humanity

* Learn to feel, validate and hold space for your emotions & feelings.

* Learn to play with shadow and unveil the gifts behind it.

* Begin to enjoy & love the experience of being human. 

* Integrate old stories/wounds so as to step into the present Now.

* Cultivate the relationship with your own Innocence/Inner Healer.

Own Authenticity

* Get to know yourself, instead of work on yourself.

* Cultivate brutal honesty about where you are now to gain unbreakable trust with yourself.

* Learn to always have your own back.

* Cultivate the inner union within.

* Gain courage to fully play your 'note' in the symphony of life.

By cultivating the relationship with our “I” in real time, we gain the centre we’ve always been longing for within. We stop earning life, and instead begin to receive the gift of our life.


          “Ever since I met Sasha, I knew there was something pure and authentic about her that needed to come out and be shared with the rest of the world.  Her light shines so bright, it is impossible not to notice and feel attracted to her presence.           

            I am forever grateful for her love, guidance and inspiration on my journey for personal transformation.  As a person of science with a skeptical mind, I have allowed myself to be guided by her into a place where my heart can feel and experience things that science may never be able to explain or quantify.  And that is the beauty of this initiation - opening your heart to life and love and trusting that what comes up is meant to be.”

—  Laura, Dentist, Canada



1. You are ready to experience wholeness as a living, breathing experience.

2. You are ready to step out of the victim mentality and to explore the edge of your comfort zone.

3. You are ready to step into a life full of play, joy, empowerment, purpose, connection, freedom and authenticity.

4. You wish to become your own healer, master and guru.


1. You want a magic pill to solve all of your life’s problems.

2. You are not ready to take full responsibility for your life.

3. You are not ready for a deep transformational journey that will change your life.

4. You are not ready to show up fully and commit to the process.

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  • A 3-month Sacred Space container, in which I will be energetically supporting you on multiple levels to empower and inspire you to release victimhood patterns and to embrace your freedom.

  • Weekly 75 Mins Remote Energy Reconnection & Personhood Sessions to balance and harmonize your energy field, so your Body/Mind/Spirit can experience coherence.

  • Transmission of Personhood to gain a deeper, more authentic & coherent access to yourself, while leaving behind what is not you.

  • Messaging Support with me between calls via WhatsApp.

  • Personalized intuitive guidance tailored to your unique energy.

  • Self Love and Empowerment practices to anchor the fruits of this initiation into your life.

  • A customized journey based on your current ‘speed of safety’.



About your Guide

I am an ordinary human being with a deep love for Life and the human experience. Also I'm an energy intuitive and an empowerment guide. Also I'm an infinite Being of Presence that is living this life as Sasha.

Over the past 10 years, I've bee
n on an epic healing journey that led me right into the centre of my suffering and then beyond into freedom. I've continuously dove into the exploration of my psyche and the emotional world, asking the questions "Where am I not free?" and "Where is the victim hiding?". I’ve learnt and explored energy healing, Gene Keys, Personhood, plant medicines, meditation, yoga, long term travelling, open relating, sacred sexuality, two immigrations, a corporate life, a hotel business, deep retreat experiences and high level mentors to get to a place where I feel an inseparable connection to Life/Divinity/Source and my innate wholeness. I am now passionate about guiding others into their own embodiment of wholeness and exploration of Personhood.

If you are ready to meet yourself at the deepest level - I'd be honoured to be your guide.


The world's got nothing for YOU.

Once you understand this truth, you will know Freedom & God.