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Embodying Wholeness Initiation

3 months journey to Finding Fulfillment in the midst of Chaos

Our society does not support the Whole Human Being...

We've been conditioned to fit into a box, into an acceptable way of behaving and being, and into conforming.
That doesn't leave room for the full experience of what it means to be a mortal human being.

As a result, we end up living external lives that don't match our internal hopes and dreams. Our passions don't receive enough attention or space to be expressed; our values are not honoured; and our minds and hearts are closed to the magic that is Life.

The result - a stressed mind and body, a heavy heart longing for fulfillment, and a deep disconnection from and mistrust in Life.

What if I told you there is another way to approach your spiritual journey, your healing and your search for fulfillment?

A way that is much more efficient, grounded, practical and ultimately helpful to your life

What if you could learn an easy framework to then never again have to rely on a healer outside of yourself for answers and guidance?

I've been a spiritual seeker for 10+ years, exploring various healing modalities, spiritual paths, retreats and leading my own healing/coaching practice.

My curiosity has led me into a deep exploration of what is freedom, how do we get it, and how do we keep it. 

I've finally found the holy grail - and it's not what you'd expect...


My Why:

It all started with the intense desire to escape the way I was feeling the world. 

The constant dropping into 'the void' - sadness, despair, depression, overwhelm, and such deep fear - 'if I allow myself the fullness of feeling, I will die'. 

It took plant medicines, loud life circumstances, amazing mentors and teachers and Life itself to teach me that the only way out is through and that the void is a powerful place of transformation, healing and depth...

Through all the exploration and experiences with my inner world and the inner world of my clients, I developed a system for approaching our spiritual practice in a holistic way. 

It includes Remembering Divinity, Embracing Humanity, and Owning Authenticity. 

Approach - the holy grail to Wholeness:

Remember Divinity

is about re-membering your connection to the Source of all Life, the infinite spark of the Divine in each and every one of us. It is about cultivating the awareness of your 'I AM' presence and the Light.

Embrace Humanity

is about allowing, accepting and integrating the Shadow and what it means to be a mortal human being. It is about emotional intelligence, emotional integration and deep compassion for Self. 

Own Authenticity

is about playing your note in the symphony of Life. It is about your Yes and your No. It is about your values, your desires, your personality and your creativity. It is about owning your essence as a unique expression of Divinity in Motion. 

Image by Heramb Savarkar

Wholeness is the state of being complete and unbroken, encompassing all aspects of a person's being - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It is the recognition that all parts of oneself are interconnected and cannot be separated from each other. 

Structure of the Journey

Month 1:
Waking up to your light

Week 1: Learn to connect to your Witness Consciousness
Week 2: Learning Surrender
Week 3: Contemplation & Spaciousness
Week 4: Creating conditions for healing

Month 2:
Waking up to your shadow

Week 1: Shadow work & emotional integration
Week 2: Learning tools for regulating our nervous system

Week 3: Compassion & Self Love
Week 4: Play and fun - keys to healing

Month 3:
Waking up to yourself

Week 1: Cultivating Intuition
Week 2: Boundaries, experimentation & Self responsibility

Week 3: Essentials and values

Week 4: Moving into flow with Life

How can I join?



- 1 Live theory session per week
- Online videos & resources
- 1 group healing session per month
- Community Chat

Investment: US$1000


Deeper Dive

- 1 Live theory session per week
- Online videos & resources
- 1 group healing session per month
- Community Chat
- 1:1 session with Sasha per month

Investment: US$1500


Deepest Work

- 1 Live theory session per week
- Online videos & resources
- 1 group healing session per month
- Community Chat
- 1:1 session with Sasha per week

Investment: US$2500

Who is this for?

This is for you if:

- You've been on a spiritual journey for a while, without much progress
- You are confused, lost, and overwhelmed with the healing and spiritual field
- You don't trust in Life and your own internal guidance system
- You want to learn to understand yourself deeply as a human being 
- You wish to connect with your intuition

This is not for you if:

- You want a magic pill to solve all of your life's problems

- You are not ready to show up fully and invest time

- You have a serious mental health condition and need professional medical supervision and guidance

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Need help discerning if you are ready?


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