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Initiations into Embodying Wholeness


Sasha Nova

Energy Intuitive
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My Invitation:

Reconnecting you with YOU.

I lead initiations into the Embodiment of Wholeness - the voyage to the realms of Truth, Unity, Experimentation & Freedom.

Using my intuitive gifts & abilities and transmitting Reconnection & Authenticity Codes, I hold space for human beings to remember their divinity, embrace their humanity and own their authenticity. 

My intention is to inspire and empower each Being in cultivating the awareness of their "I AM" presence, while exploring and enjoying their human experience to the fullest. 

Who is this initiation for?

This initiation is for women who are ready to step into the experience of their fullness.

During this initiation you will continuously die to what is not true to discover what is always true.

We will be working with our intuition and the unified field to expose any distortions within your Being that are preventing you from living life as your most inspired and empowered authentic self.

Through energy harmonization and the transmission of Personhood, a safe space will be held for you to explore your edge - all the places within where you are still playing the victim. By moving at the speed of safety, you will cultivate inner freedom,
as you reconnect to the true essence that is you.

The outer world will reflect the changes that happen in the inner world, as your innocence feels safe to enjoy, love and play with life once again.



Codes that allow you to reconnect with your innocence & to restore your sense of connection to divinity. 

Reconnection codes expose any areas within your life that are ready to be felt, embraced, accepted, & integrated, so that you can learn to hold space for yourself, no matter what arises, in the present moment. 

These codes allow for the embodiment of wholeness to be experienced, as you learn to cultivate the connection to the eternal "I AM" and to receive the gift that is your life.


Codes that allow you to reclaim and own your authentic truth and expression in the world. Codes that answer the question 'Who am I really?'.

With these codes, you will learn to embrace your humanity and discover what it means to be fully human - with all your light, shadow, and the full spectrum of colour in between.  

These codes will continuously stretch & strengthen your capacity to step outside of your comfort zone, ride your edge & embody your authentic freedom.




          "Ever since I met Sasha, I knew there was something pure and authentic about her that needed to come out and be shared with the rest of the world.  Her light shines so bright, it is impossible not to notice and feel attracted to her presence.

            I am forever grateful for her love, guidance and inspiration on my journey for personal transformation.  As a person of science with a skeptical mind, I have allowed myself to be guided by her into a place where my heart can feel and experience things that science may never be able to explain or quantify.  And that is the beauty of this initiation - opening your heart to life and love and trusting that what comes up is meant to be." 

                                                        —  Laura, Dentist, Canada


Exploration of Empowerment, Self Love, Healing, Authenticity and Freedom