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Authenticity & Empowerment

Facilitating personal & collective transformation through embodying wholeness and demonstrating freedom

Deep Dive

I serve as a Guide for people to remember Divinity, embrace Humanity, and own Authenticity.
I use a combination of 5 synergistic modalities to inspire and empower my clients towards optimal health, happiness and freedom.

Intro Taste Session

Book this session to get a taste for Sasha's medicine & approach.

Together, we will address a topic that is bringing suffering, so that you can experience freedom & fulfillment directly.

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1 month mentorship

This is a minimum package to work with Sasha in a deeper capacity.

3 months mentorship

Deepest capacity that Sasha currently offers. Please inquire.

"First you wake up to your light. Then you wake up to your shadow. And finally, you wake up to yourself."

Image by Denny Müller

Ciara, Ceremoniacacao Owner

Sasha gave me clarity on trusting my own intuition and what was coming up for me. In the days to come after the session, everything clicked together and it felt like an activation. Sasha's energy healing is so beautiful and simple, it is a great gift to the world. It’s like Ayahuasca, when you learn from it, months and months later.


Natalia, Business Mentor | Healer

I felt a deep calling to transition the way I was living my Life and how I was offering my work and services to Humanity. I felt a deep connection to Sasha and her gifts and was guided to work with her. I knew I had intuitive gifts and needed someone to hold space for me and to help me awaken what is within me, and heal the fear of being seen, fear of expressing my truth, fear of being judged or rejected because of how deeply I feel. So much of the work with Sasha has been about trusting the energy and the flow, trusting my own intuition and heart to know what is best for me. Reflection of Sasha's light showed me what was already within me deeply, but what I was resisting - the magic of energy. Because of Sasha's reflection of sensitivity to energy and being so accurate, I realized that I too have this ability and can embrace, open and Serve with it!


Laura, Conscious Dentist

Ever since I met Sasha, I knew there was something pure and authentic about her that needed to come out and be shared with the world. I am forever grateful for her love, guidance and inspiration on my journey of personal transformation. As a person of science with a skeptical mind, I have allowed myself to be guided by her into a place where my heart can feel and experience things that science may never be able to explain or quantify.


10% of all proceeds go to sponsoring trees for future generation - Community Carbon Trees

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